What a Difference Farm Fresh Ingredients can Make to your Craft Beer or Cider

Jun 2, 2017

Citromax is a leading global citrus grower, also processing what we grow into individual components including juice, oil, peel and essences. Through the vertical integration of the ingredients we provide, we can ensure that you’re getting the freshest components, straight from our groves and fields.

Over the last year, we have dedicated our resources and initiatives into screening our ingredients and expanding into freshly made beer and cider applications. As a result, we have developed new offerings that include natural essences and flavors such as pumpkin spice, chocolate, lime, lemon raspberry, Dutch apple pie and peach. These are just a few
of the ingredients we have successfully developed; there are many more available. All of our ingredients are available in conventional as well as certified organic form.

Taste the difference when using farm fresh ingredients in your
craft beer or cider.