Looking for High Quality Lemonade Bases? Search No More!

Feb 4, 2018

At Citromax, we use only the best, freshest lemon juice to make our easy-to-use Lemonade Bases. Our vertically integrated lemon processing facility in the Tucumán province of Argentina is your guarantee of freshness, because we pick and process lemons on the very same day.
You can count on the pure, authentic, fresh taste of real lemon in conventional and organic lemonades that call for the simple dilution of water and the addition of a sweetener.

We are able to offer extremely competitive pricing by eliminating many of the common, time consuming and labor intensive practices that competitors must deal with. Our integrated planting, harvesting and processing capabilities mean there is never the need to freeze, ship, and unfreeze the basic lemon materials to make the basic Lemonade Bases.

Because of our industry-leading lemon expertise, we can add many other high value ingredients to our bases, including lemon pulp, lemon oil, lemon acids as well as vitamins, sweeteners and an unlimited selection of food approved components. And for customers looking for applications assistance, the Citromax Flavor Division can replicate your existing lemonade base or custom create a new base according to your market requirements.

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